Pakistan Super League 2017 Euphoric Anthem

Ali Zafar features prominently in the video, the singer has put his heart and soul in the effort which is surely set to enthrall cricket fans all around the world.

The song ‘Ab Khel Jamay Ga’ captures the spirit of cricket in the country, the video beautifully portrays Pakistan’s love for the game of cricket. The video also highlights Pakistan cricket fans from a cross section of the society and their passion for street cricket which is a common sight across the country.

The video includes Shahid Afridi, Misbahul Haq, Umar Gul, Ahmed Shehzad and renowned former Pakistan captain and commentator Ramiz Raja.

Fans might notice how Ali has made a connection to the last year’s anthem, by using parts of the incredibly popular tune from last year. The signature trumpet is also featured in the song, which has become a huge hit with the crowds and is now infused with the identity of the League.

Ali Zafar is the man behind this growing madness of Pakistan Super League. Also, he is the brand ambassador of PSL. He has put up some great effort for the promotion of Pakistan Super League. Furthermore he also performed at the opening ceremony of PSL 2016. Seems like he will brighten up the opening ceremony of next edition by his presence too. This new PSL song has already getting some insane popularity. Its melody is constantly playing in the heart of every Pakistani Cricket lover. Since this song is a great medium used as a warm-up for the event.

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